Bloody Mary

Not the queen. She is a fascinating woman in herself, and the part she played and was played in history deserves books. Many have been written. Despite the bloodiness, it was a time where two women were vying for power, playing their respective cards in a world who saw women as pathetic, weak and incompetent. Has much changed? However, this post is not about that. It is about the drink. The delicious drink I discovered today. I was at Gorilla in Manchester having brunch when I announced I had never had a bloody mary. Shocked faces all around. So we ordered them. Extra spicy. And crikey my goodness did I enjoy it; peppery tomato sauce with a super charge shot of vodka topped with some of my favourite things- celery stick and delicious salty olives. Anyway, when I get round to it, I have decided I will look for the best recipe I can, and share it. IMG_9892


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