Mexican Veggie Burgers

Today I am absolutely bubbling over with recipe ideas- my shopping list for the week covers several pages, even though I clearly can’t eat it all at once. I decided I would make some veggie treats tonight. I usually try to eat high protein, lo-carb which usually means every day is a meat feast, but even I need a break from steak. Besides which, I was asked for more veggie recipes after putting veggie options in my chorizo stew recipe, and I am shit at saying no. Sometimes. Well, to people I like anyway, so I thought I would look for veggie burgers and try them out. After looking at lots of recipes, I put together an amalgamation- copying one person is plagiarism, copying from many is research (I think this is how recipe development works anyway). However, I couldn’t quite ignore the lo-carb thing, so I massively reduced the amount of breadcrumbs advised by various recipes, and ignored the suggestion to serve on a bread roll, or barm as it is more properly called. For those of you who think everything should be made from scratch, look away now as the recipe includes shop bought salsa and shop bought breadcrumbs. I know! I imagine this will cause seismic quakes in the food world, unknown since Delia recommended ready mashed potato. However, some days you just can’t be arsed. And I ran to the supermarket for those ingredients. I ran. In the rain. And then I ran home again. Two miles of running. In the rain. It was at this point I realised that for someone writing a food blog I have the worst equipped kitchen ever. I had to buy a tin opener today. I don’t have a kettle or a toaster, but I do have a nespresso machine. Priorities! All my shit is in storage, from where I should rescue it, but I haven’t yet. So I am trying not to buy anything, but a tin opener? I had too. Nevertheless, necessity is the mother of invention so I improvised with what I had, but you might choose the easier option of having kitchen utensils.

I digress. Mexican veggie burgers are delicious. They are much improved by the addition of salsa- I couldn’t leave the shop salsa be so I added some things, and then used lettuce scoops (a fancy name for lettuce leaves with stuff in). Serving up my eyes were much bigger than my belly and I only ate about half, but left overs for the morrow is never a bad thing. So, I shall stfu (as I believe the kids used to type) and share the recipe.

For the burgers

2 x 400g tins of kidney beans

2 tbsp of shop bought salsa (I am sure you can make your own if it is that kind of day)

50g breadcrumbs (does anyone make their own? Except when eating toast when it is inevitable)

Cumin 2 tsps.

Dried chilli flakes to taste (I should have used more I think instead of a conservative tsp)

1 egg beaten

What to do

Drain and rinse your kidney beans and put into a bowl. Use a potato masher (if you have one, a fork and effort if not) and crush. If using a fork do this in batches for easier crushing. Add the breadcrumbs, the salsa, the tsps. of cumin and chilli and swirl around the bowl with a fork. Stick the grill on high. Pour in the egg into the kidney bean mixture and give it a proper stir so that everything is all mixed together. Put a tinfoil sheet on the grill pan. Now run your hands under the cold tap and don’t dry your hands. This is important or your hands will be covered in sticky bean mixture and nobody wants that. Put your hand in the bowl and grab about 1/6 of the mixture, shape into a burger shape and place on tinfoil sheet. Repeat until you have six evenly (ish) sized burgers- you might want to do the water thing a couple of times to prevent sticking and bean mixture waste. Place burgers under the grill. Turn after about 5 minutes or when you smell burning. The underside will probably still be a bit sticky but that’s ok. Cook until crispy. If you are a worried about whether they are cooked in the middle, stick a clean sharp knife into a burger, and it should come out clean.


Rest of the shop bought salsa

1 avocado chopped into chunks (choose your own chunk size, I am not omniscient)

1/4 red onion in chunks (see avocado advice)

1 fresh red chilli (in little bits)

1 small tin sweetcorn (drained)

2 plum tomatoes cut into chunks (see onion advice)

What to do

Tip the rest of the shop bought salsa into a bowl. Add all the other ingredients. Taste.

Serving up

Put some lettuce on a plate. Top with salsa. Top with burger. Eat elegantly with knife and fork or eat messily with fingers. Use a barm (bread roll) if you like.

Y bueno as they say in Mexico. At least I think so, I was really jet lagged when I was there, and there was the visit to the tequila and mescale museum….


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