Brilliant Brunches part 3: baked eggs and avocado with chorizo hash

Happy day first day of February. I think this year needs a new start, and today might be it. What is starting today is bloguary. I have been challenged by my amazing colleague and good friend over at to complete one blog a day for 29 days, writing for at least 29 minutes a day. I am hoping that includes editing! If you read this, why not join us in this lovely attempt to start writing more regularly? Just write and #29daysofwriting. Awesome. So here I am writing about brunch in the evening, while waiting for my pork chops to marinate (that will probably be another blog post) depending on how they work out. If the recipe was a football team then all the subs would be on the pitch. Recipe: rice wine vinegar. Me: I don’t have that. Red wine vinegar, in you go. As it is an American paleo recipe, my English non-paleo kitchen nearly didn’t take the strain. However, after the pre-amble, or amuse bouche if you will (this being a blog about food), now for the main course, the entrée, the BRUNCH!

For a little bit of context, I was looking up high protein breakfasts, which are a bit of a theme, and I found eggs and avocado in various combinations, and having 6 avocados in the fridge it seemed an ideal opportunity to use some up. How do you end up with 6 avocados? Online ordering and forgetfulness is your answer. I also thought I wanted something a bit more so I opened the fridge and there was chorizo. Decision made. With a cup of tea ready to sustain me, I started. Recipe and Method below, including veggie variations. I am pretty sure this recipe if paleo, if that is your thing.

Recipe for Two:

Baked Eggs and Avocado:

  • 1 large ripe avocado- cut in half, remove the stone and scoop out of the skin using a spoon. Slice the halves in half again length ways, and cut a little hole in the middle.
  • 1 egg beaten

Chorizo Hash:

  • 100 grams of chorizo, skinned and sliced into chunks
  • 1/2 red onion sliced
  • 100 grams of button mushrooms cut into halves
  • 1/2 red pepper… or orange or green


Put the grill on high.

Put a frying pan over a medium heat and drop in the chorizo slices with wild abandon. Or normally. Take a sip of tea if you have made a brew, and stir the chorizo around until it is crisping up. Then throw in the mushrooms, onions and peppers with a suitably dramatic gesture. Using a spatula, toss those veggies up and down and round and round until they are covered in chorizo oil. And then let them be. They deserve a rest and so do you. Have some more tea.

Place avocado slices on a baking tray. Pour egg into the holes and slide the tray gently under the grill. If you have egg left over, amuse yourself making mini omelettes in the chorizo pan, while the eggs firm up under the grill. This will take 5-10 minutes depending on your grill.

When everything is ready, slip a couple of avocado eggs onto each plate and divide the hash between the two. For a spicy metabolism starting kick, swirl over the sriracha. Not too much. This is brunch, not a chilli challenge.

Veggie Version: Omit the chorizo. Add a different veg instead, courgettes perhaps or multi coloured peppers, or spinach. You choose! Before adding to the pan, spray or rub veggies with a little oil and sprinkle with smoked paprika, then add to the pan and hash your heart out.

Staying paleo: make sure your sriracha is paleo. Mine isn’t but I like it anyway. You can find a homemade paleo sriracha recipe at nomnompaleo, who also has a fuckton of other paleo delights, if you didn’t already know.


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