Brilliant Brunches part 4: poached eggs, parma ham and asparagus

IMG_9976Waking up this morning to my online delivery of food was very pleasing. Even more so that the delivery guy carried it all upstairs for me instead of leaving it all in the lobby. My food cupboard is not full of herbs and spices, the fridge is full of gorgeous fresh food, and my mind is brimming with recipe ideas for the weekend. But first things first. Brunch! I made asparagus wrapped in parma ham earlier this week and I had a few left over. I have seen them used to dip in boiled eggs instead of toasty soldiers, making a breakfast locarb, low calorie and somehow quite luxurious. However, boiled eggs are a pain in the arse without egg cups if you want the full on dipping experience, and I don’t have any egg cups. I don’t like fried eggs, so poached it is. Poached eggs are a thing that used to scare me. Egg poaching pans with little cups in to hold your eggs never really worked for me (rubbery yet under-cooked eggs at the same time? Yuck!) and the whole whisking the water until it resembles a mini typhoon then dropping in the egg and whisking seems to require more hands then most of us are born with. And you can only do one at a time. And it often goes wrong. But, the solution is here! Thanks to the wonder woman that is Delia Smith, in her Cookery Course for Beginners she gives a fool proof method for poaching eggs. You can make as many as will fit in the pan at the same time, and after putting the egg in the pan, you have ten minutes to prepare the rest of your brunch. Perfect!


Fill a large frying pan with water so it is a bout 1 inch deep. Put on the hob and heat until you can see the bottom of the pan is lined with little bubbles. Crack the eggs into the pan and continue to cook for 1 minute. Delia says this bit has to be very precise, but a few seconds here and there really isn’t going to make much difference. Then turn of the heat and leave the eggs in the pan for another ten minutes. In the mean time, prepare the rest of your food. After ten minutes, scoop out your eggs using a slotted spoon or spatula, drain on a bit of kitchen roll and voila. Perfectly poached, perfectly healthy eggs.

I re-heated the asparagus wrapped in parma ham in another pan while the eggs were poaching and added a handful of cherry tomatoes chopped in half. Fry the tomatoes face down until they are a little charred.

Put all the ingredients on a plate and enjoy.


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