Super Stir Fry: it’s not really a recipe…

IMG_0061I wouldn’t usually blog about a stir fry. I always feel slightly disappointed when I am reading a recipe book and you get a recipe that is essentially basically a list of vegetables, you put them in a pan for a few minutes and then you have a meal. Sometimes the sauce is quite intricate, but then, who’s going to go out and specialist ingredients for a stir fry? Not me. Stir fries should be quick, easy and simple. They are the ultimate in healthy fast food, and brilliant when you have over bought veg, and you don’t really just want to watch it rot. Or you are allergic to waste. I had a fridge full of veg ready to go, and a desire to just get it done, but then I remembered the cashew nuts in the cupboard, and saw the cauliflower that was going to be riced, and I thought I don’t really want a dry stir fry but I do want cashew nuts and I do want stir fry, so I made a sauce. The easiest sauce ever, but so delicious I really want seconds. Really, really, but somebody else is expecting their share, so I am going to have coconut fudge instead. Paleo coconut fudge no less! Maybe that is what I should really be blogging about, but I didn’t make it.

Anyway, super stir fry (cheating as a food blog)

Ingredients (it really isn’t a recipe):

Vegetables you like. I used red cabbage, peppers, green beans, red onion and broccoli.

Cashew nuts.

Vegetable stock- about 250 ml.


Chilli. I used one red and one green.


Soy sauce (gluten free soy sauce if you like, or coconut aminos).

Coconut oil


Chop up all your vegetables. Put them to one side.

Slice the chilli, ginger and garlic. Use what you have or how much you would like in your stir fry.

Spray your wok with coconut oil and heat over a medium heat, add the cashew nuts and toast for a bit. Add the garlic, chilli and ginger. Stir around. Add stock and soy sauce to taste. Simmer until stock is reduced by about half, and then empty out the mixture into a bowl. Taste to check you like it.

Dry the pan and spray with more coconut oil. Throw in the vegetables and toss them about with gay abandon until a little browned and crispy. They should still be nice and firm. Pour over the cashew nut and spice mixture and stir through the veg until reheated.

Serve. I did mine with cauliflower rice.


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