Brilliant brunches part 5: back to my roots with bubble and squeak

IMG_0111Traditionally bubble and squeak is made with left over cabbage and potatoes and bacon, all fairly common Irish food stuffs, as is the idea of using up left overs, should there be any. I am a fairly long way from my Irish ancestors, but I still think this is a great dish. However, the Irish reliance on potatoes as a staple food stuff was always a risky one – see the potato famine. The famine was unnecessary, and hugely exacerbated by the attempted imposition of free market economics. The UK had enough grain to supply the Irish and prevent starvation when the potato crops failed. However, applying the ideology of a free market- people will buy what they need, they didn’t supply Ireland because the Irish weren’t buying. What they forgot was the end of the equation- people will buy what they can afford. the Irish could not afford to pay what the UK was charging, whereas other export communities could. The result was an inhumane level of preventable human suffering. The imposition of free market economics is the economic equivalent of shock and awe- people are so desperate to survive that they cannot focus on anything else. In Latin America the Chicago Boys helped people like Pinochet in Chile, to impose an economic system that caused untold suffering, hyper-inflation and produced a society living in fear of torture and disappearances. According to the Chicago Boys, this was all necessary while the system righted itself, when everybody would be rich. Or something- they didn’t actually know. It is the economic equivalent of the USA testing Agent Orange in Vietnam. Luckily, before it came to the US and the UK, they realised that the government oppression on such a large scale, was really unnecessary- you simply take away people’s economic independence and they will fall into line- hence Thatcher’s destruction of the unions.

Anyway, I was talking about brunch. Bubble and squeak, delicious, quick and simple.

Recipe (serves 2):

5 leaves of savoy cabbage shredded

1/2 red pepper in chunks

1/2 red onion in chunks

3 eggs beaten

4 slices of parma ham (optional)

Spray a large pan with coconut oil and add the cabbage, onion and pepper. Fry until softened, stirring regularly. Add the eggs and stir quickly to coat the cabbage, this should only take a couple of minutes. Take off the heat and continue to stir until the eggs cook from the of the veg- less if you prefer your eggs a bit runny, or more if you like them firm. Split the eggy veggie mixture between two plates and top with parma ham (if using).

Done and dusted.


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