Prawns with pakchoi and other greens

Good afternoon! After a very boring morning of having to be an adult and go to the bank and clean the flat and put washing in and do the washing up and bored me doing it, so why am I writing about it?

Anyway, I did nip into Waitrose as I was one stop away and picked up some fresh chillis, mint, and pak choi. I went for romansco but there was NONE! However, with a moment of self awareness I realised I would probably look like a bit of a middle class wanker if I lost the place because there wasn’t a fancypants veg that can’t decide if it is a cauliflower or a broccoli.

So I picked up pakchoi instead. A suitably middle class replacement. You can get it in morrisons but I haven’t seen it in Aldi yet. So tonight I am going to treat myself to the following dish. It’s also another whole30 experiment.


150g of prawns

Fresh chillis (use however many you need for your preferred heat level)

Garlic (to your taste)

Ginger (about an inch)

I lime (rind and juice)

Pak choi (sliced in half)


Green beans

Use enough veg so you will be full.


Add coconut oil to a large pan. Add prawns, chilli, garlic ginger and lime. Fry about until prawns are cooked through if they are raw (or hot, if you use ready cooked).

Put to one side.

Put the pak choi in the pan, and surround them with the asparagus.

I like the steam my green beans a little before adding them to the pan, but it is up to you. Then cook all the veg for about 5 minutes until tender.

Put the cooked veg on a plate. Surround with prawns.



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