Whole 30 has begun…

Today is day 1. I can see that on the timeline I have stuck to the fridge. Next to it I need to stick a massive sign saying NO! No grains, no dairy, no soy, no legumes, no alcohol. No going out. I don’t need alcohol to have fun when I go out but (ok so I do a little bit)…I won’t be able to eat anything and I won’t be able to drink anything either. Not even a cheeky diet coke, or soda and lime (except if they have fresh lime). So I won’t be going out I don’t think, unless it is to work or to the gym or to frolic in the park…perhaps that won’t be so bad.

I went to the supermarket today to stock up on things I am allowed to eat such as meat and vegetables and eggs. A LOT of eggs. I made compliant mayonnaise which is really rather good. It seems weird I can eat mayonnaise as I really see it as a luxurious treat, but maybe that is a good thing. I can still have treats.

It might be because I am not at work, but I have spent the entire day thinking about food. I spend a lot of my time thinking about food anyway, but today my thought process looks something like this:

  • food
  • food food
  • not allowed that food
  • food
  • make food
  • eat food
  • food
  • read detective novel
  • I wonder what the detective eats
  • food
  • food
  • he’s going for lunch at the Savoy! I wonder what food they serve there. I bet he has wine. Fucker.
  • food

Ad nauseum. I hope this isn’t going to be me for 30 days but I suspect it will be. I won’t have anything else to think about. Perhaps I should take up a new hobby. That doesn’t involve food or wine. Suggestions please.

Lots of people seem to find the food prep difficult. Now I don’t have kids so that’s one huge business factor out of the equation, and while I do have to take into account someone who isn’t following the plan foodwise, he will eat compliant meals quite happily, so no preparing multiple numbers of meals. But I cook from scratch all the time. I genuinely didn’t realise that people could find it that hard. Having said that, I’ll probably have a melt down on day 4 when I have to slice up another avocado and I discover that despite the advertising, this fucking avocado is NOT PERFECTLY RIPE.

Label checking is tedious. Why does everything have sugar or milk in it. Seriously. Who puts milk in baba ghanoush? Waitrose does fyi.

Plus I have a headache. And a cough.

And ramble-itis

My chicken is poached. Now I am going to make pork and chorizo chilli, which doesn’t sound too restricted to me. Although it would be great with a glass of red…



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