Whole30 Day 2

So what happened today? Nothing whole30 related really. Is that disappointing? I don’t know. I went to see my lovely friend and daughter and we had coffee. I suppose it was different because there was no wine involved but it is pretty normal not to drink wine at lunchtime. I do it Monday to Friday after all, and it is a Tuesday.

I had breakfast, which again was pretty normal. It was mushrooms, peppers and eggs. I packed my lunch, again very normal for a Tuesday. Then again, what was slightly different was that I didn’t actually eat it until about five o clock. Why? Well I had coffee and then I was making my way to the gym and I could really find anywhere to sit and enjoy my lunch, and if I am going to be eating a restricted diet then I am going to fucking enjoy it when I do eat. So I had an apple and some almonds and went to the gym. Again, boring as all it can be. Where is the emotional trauma? Where is the feeling shit? Where is the panic about meal prepping? So far I am missing out. My biggest trauma is that my sparkling water with lime is not a gin and tonic. And that really isn’t that big a deal…well not today. It might be come Friday night..Saturday… But it’s still Tuesday so that is a long way off.

In case you are interested and haven’t yet fallen asleep, lunch was chicken salad with sweet potato and some of that home made mayo, with smoked paprika. It was delicious. Dinner is prawn and coconut curry. I am obsessed with coconut products right now. Mainly because there are a lot of coconut products I can eat on this diet.

So, now I just need to find something to keep me occupied this evening. Again, nothing new. I am watching Lucifer because it has Tom Ellis in it. And you know…he’s hot.


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