Whole30 Day9…I’m hungry

I’m hungry. I am not sure why either. I have eaten a good breakfast, a decent lunch. I nibbled some nuts, at some fruit and had a good dinner. But I still feel hungry. At the end of a meal I feel satiated, but a little while later, hunger comes calling. Am I bored? Possibly. I spent writing Year 12 reports is never one filled with excitement, but I have been occupied. Besides, I thought I had become quite good at distinguishing between I am bored ‘hungry’ and I am actually really ‘hungry’ and that was before I started Whole30. And I think I am eating a lot. Loads! I am drinking a lot of water and herbal tea (also quite a bit of coffee too) and I have been doing less cardio than usual because I have had a chest infection that makes me cough at anything that resembles heavy breathing.

Is it the sugar dragon calling through a sneaky disguise? Whispering temptation to eat more and more? If so he’s not asking for anything particularly sugary, in fact he doesn’t seem to want anything sweet at all…just hungry. Do I just keep eating until I stop feeling hungry? I don’t really know if  is a whole30 thing…

In other news, according to the timeline I will be feeling bloated and ready to give up today and tomorrow and probably the next day. Oh good.

So I have a personal training session booked tomorrow…that should keep my mind off eating anyway.


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